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To Receive Letters, Preserve Ideas, and Deliver Memories

Store a letter to the future and digital media in a Seeds of Thought time capsule.

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time capsule letter

According to studies, 80% of all time capsules are lost or forgotten.

Seeds of Thought will remember, and deliver your time capsule letter to the recipient’s door.

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Be Remembered

Write your legacy with a Seeds of Thought time capsule letter.

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What is a Time Capsule?

A Time Capsule is "anything that encapsulates time"*. A Time Capsule can be a letter to the future, digital media, buried box of trinkets, or any other object that takes a person's memory back in time. Give the unique gift of a Time Capsule to yourself or a loved one.

*Smithsonian Center for Material Research and Education, 2000


How it Works


We have two options to submit your time capsule letter: Write a letter online or submit a handwritten letter to your future self, friend, or family member.


Write your time capsule letter, include digital media, pick a delivery date within 20 years, and submit to your time capsule.


The letter will go into our secure and monitored time capsule.


We will deliver the time capsule letter to the recipient's door.

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Reasons to Create a Time Capsule

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Your Memories Are Safe

While in school, writing a letter to myself and receiving it 3 years later was an unforgettable experience. Now that I am out of school it was hard to find a secure way to store and receive my time capsule message via snail mail. Now, Seeds of Thought makes it so easy and fun."

-Brian Gamble, President of Seeds of Thought

Preserver for the future

Seeds of Thought saves your most precious assets; the memories, ideas and messages from the past through your own timeless letters. Memories fade and people change over time. The Seeds of Thought time capsule will remind the future recipient of where they came from and where to go.

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