Our Products

Create an Online Time Capsule Letter
  • Type your letter for a future recipient
  • Choose the font and other formatting options for your future letter
  • Quickest and easiest way to submit your letter


Create a Handwritten Letter
  • Have a time capsule kit mailed to you
  • Includes materials to write a letter for the future
  • Choose from several different time capsule packages based on delivery date and price
  • Time capsule kits arrive in 3-5 days and include a prepaid return envelope
  • Include digital media (DVD or CD only)


Our Products.  Left: Delivered on-line letter.  Right: Handwritten letter kit.

Special Offer

If you respresent a school, university, church, retreat center, girl scout troop, boy scout troop or military you can save up to 65% on our service. Please contact service@seedsofthought.com for more information.